Thursday, May 27, 2021

Why Renters Want to Rent From You


Service. Reputation. Affordability. Trust. Comfort. Personal attention. Maintenance.

These are the reasons RV renters want to rent from you over a private party renter.1 You - the dealer - can deliver exceptional customer experiences that will generate revenue for your business, build long-term relationships with the customers, and turn these renters into buyers.

Renting actually becomes a marketing tool for your dealership (that makes you money - not the other way around)!

The current rental market is dominated by peer-to-peer options - and while renters may not initially mind renting from a peer, most of the time, the actual experience ends up not being exactly what they expected. Our research shows that there is often little owner screening on the part of these third-party rental sites, meaning that potential renters never really know what they’re getting into, and that certainly doesn’t make for the best vacation experience.1

Per our survey, and to your benefit →  

78% of our 2,000 renters surveyed stated that they would prefer to rent from a dealer because they have trust in the experience they will receive.1

Imagine renters coming to you to rent an RV and loving their experience! Imagine them even loving the RV so much, they want to buy it.

That is exactly how it happens. 

Renters come in, they have the experience of a lifetime, and they are sold - literally! Renters want to make memorable experiences (as discussed in Why Renting Matters To Your Business ) and the RV is a means to do just that. Renters don’t want to run into any snags as they head out on the road, and if they can be assured that the RV they are renting is properly maintained, that the dealer can help walk them through the process of getting it on the road, and they are insured properly through the dealership, the renter is more willing to rent from you. 

Trust is such a big factor when it comes to who renters will rent from, and while there are a number of rental options out there that accommodate the peer-to-peer market, a peer doesn’t always understand the intricacies that can come along with RVing the way a dealer would - giving you a distinct advantage when it comes to the experience you can provide renters.

This new business opportunity opens you up to a new audience as well. The renter audience is different from your current RV buyer customer (we go into more detail about that in Who’s Renting? And How Are They Different? ) Because of this, it can open up an entirely new market, as well as provide you with a new revenue stream.

Renters want to work with you, but maybe they rent from a peer instead because you aren’t listing any units available to rent. Have you tried it? Have you thought about it?

Helping connect dealers to potential buyers has been RV Trader’s business for the past 30 years. While we have been focused exclusively on delivering buyers in the past, the market is evolving, and renting is becoming a new way to turn customers into buyers. We have evolved, just as the market has.

Considering that 30% of our current visitors have already used RV Trader as a rental resource, even before a dedicated rental offering was available, we are ideally positioned to help connect not only buyers - but also renters - to dealers.1

So, how does starting a rental business work?

In our free “How-To Guide for Renting RVs” we cover everything from acquiring a fleet to generating a rental business, to preparation, maintenance, bookings, and legal considerations.

Download the free guide to get started on your path to rental success > click here!

1*RV Trader Survey 2018

Trader Online Web Developer

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