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RVDA NEWS RELEASE: RV Professional Certification Week is March 13-19

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The following content was published in a recent press release by the Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association in Fairfax, Virginia. The Mike Molino RV Learning Center, in partnership with the Society of Certified RV Professionals, presented the publication to increase awareness for the upcoming (and formally recognized) RV Professional Certification Week. In this piece, which can be found in full on RVDA's website, dealers will he able to locate information on how best to utilize this week for testing, preparations, and promotion of certification assurance.


RV Professional Certification Week is March 13-19; Dealers are Encouraged to Promote Continuing Education

(Fairfax, VA) The week of March 13 – 19, 2016, is RV Professional Certification Week. The Society of Certified RV Professionals and the Mike Molino RV Learning Center have designated that week as a time to commit to expanding skills and professionalism in the workplace. Dealers are encouraged to support test preparation now so candidates will be ready to test during the designated week.

As an incentive, certification candidates who take and pass a certification test during RV Professional Certification Week will receive a free, one-year subscription to RV Technician Today, an online resource for RV technicians, service writers/advisors and service managers. Registered techs are encouraged to use this opportunity to move to the next level, joining other RV technicians and fixed operations professionals who will test and become certified during the week. The RV Learning Center gives dealership personnel access to an array of professionally-developed products and programs to help prepare staff for certification in fixed-operations or as technicians. 

Learn more about professional certification available for dealership staff on the Learning Center’s YouTube Channel, and on its website. Technician certification information is available online at Certification can lead to a higher level of professionalism, increased employee retention, and greater dealership profitability. Certification can also lead to improved customer satisfaction since today’s consumers recognize certification as an indication of professionalism.

The Society of Certified RV Professionals promotes and recognizes certification among employees who work at RV dealerships. Certified personnel benefit the RV industry by improving the customer experience‐‐certification lets consumers know that the technician working on their RV has superior diagnostics and repair skills. Recertifying and maintaining certification show an individual’s ongoing commitment to staying current in an industry driven by changing technology and high consumer expectations. Information about the society and the recognition program is available at
Established in 1993, the RV service technician certification program is administered by the Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA) and Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) under the auspices of the RV Service Technician Certification Governing Board.  The program tests, certifies and recertifies RV service technicians in either a traditional Certification or five specialty certification areas:  Appliance, Body, Chassis, Electrical Systems and Plumbing.  For more information, go to

The Mike Molino RV Learning Center is supported by dealers, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and other RV industry members who are committed to dealership education and the high level of customer service that is provided by educated employees. Headquartered in Fairfax, VA, it tests, certifies, and recertifies RV professionals in five areas of specialty: RV Parts Manager, RV Parts Specialist, RV Service Writer/Advisor, RV Service Manager, and RV Warranty Administrator. For more information, go to
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RV Business Reports on Colorado Teardrops 2017 New Model Line

Image Source: Boulder Weekly
A recent RV Business publication noted the highly anticipated release of the 2017 model lineup from Colorado Teardrops. The article below, published by RV Business on February 1st, is a sampling of information provided by the key news site for RV dealers. To read the entirety of the publication, simply click here or visit

Begin RV Business Article

Colorado Teardrops announced the introduction of its 2017 line of consumer camping teardrops, offering new design and construction processes to increase durability and longevity.
According to a press release, the new line is built with structural aluminum to frame the sidewalls and ceilings, ensuring the trailer is impervious to water and weather damage. Instead of marine grade plywood, lauan and paint on waterproofing, the models also feature structural aluminum to form the cabin. 
Since its founding three years ago, the Boulder-based company has designed seven different styles of teardrop trailers to cover retro, off-road, and commercial teardrop uses. The company employs a rental fleet to serve as a testing ground for its trailers while also adopting a factory-direct selling model.
Features of the new 2017 product line include...

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Featured Resource: Roadabode Outdoor Hospitality Study

Recently, Roadabode Productions released a study denoting the crucial nature of solidified digital marketing strategies for businesses catering to the camping consumer - in order to truly evaluate your online presence for what it is to your target audience(s) and compare it to that of your competitors, it's critical to know what factors to use as analytical benchmarks.

Presented as a "virtual roundtable," the study especially focuses in on the importance of video usage when it comes to successfully marketing to outdoor-oriented demographics. While originally written and presented for park and outdoor recreational businesses, the validity and application of the information presented to the RV industry is immeasurable.

Check out the Benchmark Study here and find out how you can best develop your digital marketing presence and refine your strategy for the best possible results!

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