Thursday, August 13, 2020

Lead Enrichment 101: The Basics

More than ever, consumers have turned to the Internet to learn about, browse for, and complete transactions. For RVs this trend feels different than the shopping process of years past. Instead of dealers like you talking with consumers face-to-face while they contemplate their purchase, now, a huge portion of that process has moved online.

As a dealer, accurate inventory listings on our marketplace and up-to-date contact information, helps you provide valuable information and participate in the pre-purchase process.

But what happens when an interested buyer picks up the phone to inquire about one of your units they saw online? How do you have a conversation with the lead naturally, helpfully, and in a way that shows you understand their personal goals and needs?

Lead Enrichment!

One of the most powerful features in TraderTraxx, Lead Enrichment closes that information gap between a shopper's independent online research and the moment you connect with them one-on-one. It's the literal lightbulb moment you need to convert that inquiry into a sale.

Here's how it works:
  • A consumer sees a listing in your inventory they like and submit an inquiry to learn more.
  • The TraderTraxx system sends you an email in real-time, like this one:

*example of email received by RV Trader dealers 

  • This notification provides customer data you need to have to strategically tailor conversations, like:
- How long has this lead been shopping for a unit?
- What is the lead's desired price range?
- How many listings has the lead reviewed?
- When was the lead most recently browsing, and which listings did they view?

Lead Enrichment gives you insight into what happened BEFORE a lead reached out to you. As a dealer, you benefit by:
  • Increasing personalization and better framing the conversations you have with leads. For example, you can quickly identify other listings in your inventory within a lead's price range and desired features, delighting them with unexpected choices.
  • Having the option to integrate the tool on your website. Lead Enrichment doesn't just capture the behavior on RV Trader's marketplace. Thanks to a simple script on your site, lead insight gets captured when a lead jumps from RV Trader's Marketplace to your website,
  • Closing deals faster because you focused your efforts to match your leads' goals. Not only does Lead Enrichment save you time, but customers feel more confident with their purchase thanks to your concentrated sales approach.
Helpfully, TraderTraxx reports includes all the same information you receive as an email alert. Empowering your team to provide consistent service and have an easy-to-find historical record of your leads' behaviors and preferences.

Ultimately, Lead Enrichment empowers you to better serve your customer and reach your sales goals.
Trader Online Web Developer