Friday, October 26, 2018

Tips for Hiring the Right People

Customer service is everything in the business world, and that’s why it’s becoming increasingly important to have a solid team in place at your dealership. The right team can either make or break your business - plain and simple. We do know finding the right employee for the job isn’t always easy, but we’ve got 5 quick tips on making a great choice for your next hire.

Be straightforward and honest about all job responsibilities - It all starts with a job posting, and it’s important to be crystal clear about all of the tasks, duties, and responsibilities in your initial post. We suggest including even some of the less glamorous tasks the position will require so the candidate won’t be surprised by these requests down the road. It’s also a good idea to include “other duties as assigned” just to make sure you leave some wiggle room for additional tasks not explicitly covered in the description.

Keep your options open - Don’t have a ton of applicants for your role? Don’t worry - it’s more than okay to hold out for the perfect candidate. Sometimes talking to candidates who might not be the right fit for your role can help show you what you are looking for. We also encourage you to interview more than one person for the position, even if you feel like the candidate you interviewed first would be a suitable option. You never know who could walk through your door next, so it’s important to keep an open mind and entertain a few options.

Know what you want - It can be a bit overwhelming when job applications come rolling in, but it’s important to keep a laser focus while weeding through potential candidates. It’s crucial to know exactly what you’re looking for in an employee and it’s a good idea to have a list of non-negotiable qualifications that you’d like to see on a resume (ie: sales experience, customer service experience, familiarity with the RV industry, etc.). If the applicant doesn’t have all of the qualifications you require, simply move on to the next. Remember, it’s okay to be picky.

Be prepared for the interview - The candidates shouldn’t be the only ones getting ready for their interview. As the interviewer, it’s a good idea to have questions you plan on asking candidates written down so you can easily keep track and compare answers later - this will ensure candidates remain on an even playing field throughout the interview process. We suggest asking a variety of different questions. For example, scenario questions are great options that can help you get a real feel for the candidate and to see exactly how they would react in a specific situation. We also like to mix the questions up by asking a few abstract questions - like what’s the best compliment you’ve ever received - to see how quickly a candidate can think on their feet.

Personality is important - Of course, you want your potential hire to have the experience and qualifications you desire, but it’s also important to keep in mind personality. When interviewing, make sure to get a feel for how the candidate’s personality traits align with the potential job, as well as the company culture. We also encourage you to get your team involved in the hiring process to make sure everyone meshes well together - and helping your current team feel more invested when their new co-worker starts.

Every dealership needs a strong team in place, and it all starts with the hiring process. We hope these tips will help you take a deeper look at your own process to see what’s working and what might need updating when it comes to hiring your future employees.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Top Makes and Classes of Q3 2018

Can you believe we’re already in Q4 of 2018? This year has flown by, but to slow things down a bit, we’re going to take a look into what consumers were searching for in Q3 on We’ve seen some consistencies, as well as a few differences, from the previous quarter that we think you’ll find interesting. Check out our 2018 Top Makes and Classes of Q3 report.

Top 5 searched classes of Q3 2018:
  • Travel Trailer 
  • Class A 
  • Class C 
  • Fifth Wheel 
  • Class B 
Travel trailers took the top spot in Q3 with 23% of all total searches - this equates to more than 6.3 million consumers searching for this type of RV! With that in mind, it’s no surprise they have remained consistent in the top spot and we predict that trend will continue into next quarter. Class As came in second place making up 20% of total searches, while Class Cs took third with 14%. Fifth wheels came in fourth place with 12% and Class B rounded out fifth place with 9% of total searches. All top classes remain consistent in their rank as compared to Q2 2018 and Y.O.Y. comparisons are very similar as well.

Top 5 searched makes of Q3 2018:
  • Forest River 
  • Keystone 
  • Winnebago 
  • Jayco 
  • Coachmen 
Forest River remains in the top spot for top searched makes coming in at 13% - the exact percent they were at last quarter. Keystone came in second place with 7% of total searches - roughly 3.1 million consumers searched for the manufacturer. Winnebago isn’t far behind in third place with 6.4% of searches and Jayco comes in fourth with 6%. Last, but not least, Coachmen comes in fifth place representing 5% of total searches. These rankings also remain consistent with last quarter and numbers Y.OY. are similar. We are interested to see if and how the rankings change in Q4.

It looks like consumers have remained very consistent this quarter when it comes to their search habits. Stay tuned for our Q4 report coming this January and let us know how your dealership compares with our findings in the comments below.
Trader Online Web Developer