Thursday, April 13, 2017

RV Trader and CrossRoads RV Partner to Increase Exposure of New Inventory

Did you know?
RV Trader is powering a new inventory tool that allows consumers to shop local inventory directly from the CrossRoads RV website. The tool sends a dealer’s inventory, product photos and advertised prices directly from to As buyers search for local dealers on the CrossRoads RV site, they can easily view their available inventory and submit a request on a unit they’re interested in - increasing traffic and connections to that dealer’s new inventory.
According to CrossRoads president Ryan Juday, this new tool makes it easy for CrossRoads dealers to post their inventory on the company’s web site. “Through the integration of the system, consumers can now see in real-time the entire CrossRoads inventory on our dealers’ lot, helping to streamline and simplify the buying experience.  It requires no additional administrative effort on the part of our dealers, making it a win-win for both our dealers and retail customers.”
“Today, consumers are researching extensively online before making a purchase,” said Paige Bouma, vice president of RV Trader. “By advertising inventory directly on the CrossRoads site, we’re creating a seamless transition for the consumers to shop, submit inquiries, and buy the RV that best fits their lifestyle, no matter where they begin their search.”
If you are a current RV Trader customer and have new CrossRoads units online, your inventory will automatically display on For dealers who carry new units and are not RV Trader customers, please call (877) 354-4068 to learn more about the program, or contact your local RV Trader representative in your market.

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Top Searched: March 2017

As your partner in the industry, we want to keep you up-to-date on trends we are seeing with your potential buyers. With more consumers visiting our site than any other in the industry, we can give you and your dealership some great insight into search habits of your potential customers. In this first edition of our Top Searched, we’ve listed the top 5 RV makes and models on our site for the month of March.

Top Searched Models:

1. Travel Trailer
2. Class A
3. Fifth Wheel
4. Class C
5. Toy Hauler

The rivalry between towables and classic motorhomes, unsurprisingly, continues — but, in the end, travel trailer are the most searched model on RV Trader, with nearly 27% more pageviews than their closest competitor, the Class A motorhome.* With a large percentage of new buyers in the industry, travel trailers are an attractive option with lower price tags and often less demanding maintenance needs as compared to larger motorhomes.

As for the top searched makes, interbrand competition has heated up significantly from 2016 to 2017 as top manufacturers focused on targeting specific subsets of the larger RV audience. For example, Keystone launched their new Passport ROV — a lighter, luxury trailer meant to entice consumers with tighter budgets. These advancements and solid marketing strategies have allowed Keystone to see a 19% increase in pageviews in just one year, moving from the fifth most viewed manufacturer to the second.* Other top searched manufacturers are outlined below:

Top Searched Makes:

1. Forest River
2. Keystone
3. Winnebago
4. Jayco
5. Fleetwood

In an ever-growing RV marketplace, marketshare is there for the taking — so this list may change in the coming months as consumers discover new units that fit their travel and lifestyle needs. How does this data line up with what you’re seeing at your dealership? Comment below and let us know.
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Towables vs. Motorhomes: What are your consumers searching for?

The RV industry is unique; it is an industry that is growing, with 51% of consumers being first time buyers. So how can your dealership best serve these new-to-the-market customers? Provide them with information. They are hungry for it and the more you give them, the more likely they will view you as their partner in the buying process, rather than a pressuring sales team.

Since this is their first RV purchase, only 10% of consumers are loyal to a specific brand or manufacturer. They are far more focused on what type of unit will best fit into their lifestyle and budget. It’s important to remember to keep the conversation broad and low pressure in the beginning focus on high-level details, such as by narrowing them down to a motorhome or a towable.

Towables, like the industry overall, are growing in popularity. Consumers like them for their lower price tag and lightweight frame. These units are easy to tow behind a buyer’s current car and are often lower maintenance than the larger motorhomes perfect for a quick weekend getaway. Younger couples with no kids, a life-long tent camper just getting into the RV market or a current RVer looking to downsize may find a towable to be the perfect fit for them.

Motorhomes are what comes to mind when you think of a traditional RV. They come with enough space for the whole family and make it feel like you are taking home along with you on the road. From full-sized kitchens to king sized beds to incredibly comfortable driving chairs, many of these units are truly luxurious and could be the perfect fit for retirees, families looking to go full-time or a couple considering a cross-country trip.

Make sure to think about these unique selling points when it comes to positioning these units to your potential buyers really listen to what a consumer is planning to do with their unit and help guide them to the RV that will fit their lifestyle best. By being honest about the benefits and drawbacks of a unit, consumers will come to trust you as they get ready to make their dream purchase.
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