Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The Top Searched Makes and Models From Q1 2018

As your partner in the industry, it’s our goal to keep you informed and up-to-date with the latest consumer trends you need to know. With millions of consumers visiting our site monthly, we have the unique ability to provide you with useful insights into the search habits of your potential customers. We’ve seen some interesting RV data in the first quarter of 2018 that we’d like to break down for you. Check out our top searched makes and models of Q1 2018.

Top 5 searched models of Q1 2018:
  • Travel Trailer 
  • Class A 
  • Class C 
  • Fifth Wheel 
  • Toy Hauler 
Travel trailers continue to dominate our most searched models with 15% of total searches in Q1 2018, dropping just 2% from Q1 2017. Class A models come in as a close second, resulting in 13% of all searches in Q1 2018. The numbers for the top five searched models of this quarter remain comparable Y.O.Y - consumers seem to know what they like and they’re sticking to it!

Top 5 searched makes of Q1 2018:
  • Forest River 
  • Keystone 
  • Winnebago 
  • Jayco 
  • Coachmen 
Forest River takes first place when it comes to most searched makes in Q1 2018 - accounting for a total of 11% of all searches on RV Trader. Keystone isn’t far behind in second place with attracting 6.5% of all consumer searches. The numbers are also fairly comparable Y.O.Y, with Forest River still taking the top spot in Q1 2017 at 10% of all searches and all other makes claiming the same general ranking. We’re interested to see if any manufacturers shake up this list next quarter.

It’s hard to believe Q1 has already come and gone, and as the RV community continues to grow we are excited to see what the rest of the year will bring. How did your dealership compare with these findings? Did you see similar trends? Let us know in the comments below!
Trader Online Web Developer

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Using Video for Your Business

It’s not a surprise that we are in an almost totally digital age and we will undoubtedly see that trend continue to grow in years to come. As consumers evolve, it is important that, as businesses, we evolve as well. So while having a video strategy might not have been an integral part of your business a few years back - with the rise of YouTube (did you know it’s the third most visited site behind Google and Facebook?!*) - more and more buyers rely on video as a crucial part of their search.

Video has been an increasingly popular way for businesses to share their content, and YouTube is a great (and extremely popular) platform that you should be taking advantage of. Not only will it enhance your listings, but consumers love video - plain and simple. In fact, video is projected to claim more than 80% of all web traffic by 2019, and 90% of customers report that product videos help them make purchasing decisions, according to Forbes. Consumers love to research and want to actually see what they are considering buying before walking into a dealership. It’s important to offer them everything you can content-wise, both on your website and in your listing - and this includes video.

So, what exactly do consumers expect from your video presence? We asked them. If you are putting these videos on your listings (and we think you should), 82% are hoping to see a detailed walk around and an in-depth review of the unit. Pictures are always great, and definitely necessary, but video takes a user's experience to a new level. Your video doesn’t have to be extremely fancy or over the top, but should clearly highlight every aspect of the unit. While videoing, you also have the opportunity to talk about its perks and any features that make the specific model unique.

We know consumers want to see tours of the units (especially in your listing videos), but what else do they hope to find on your YouTube channel? By hosting a variety of videos on your YouTube page, you have the opportunity for consumers to engage with your dealership even before stepping through the doors. When building out your video library consider that:
  • 38% of people said they’d like to see product reviews and testimonials videos 
  • 27% would like to see how-to videos 
  • 18% want to see RV tips and tricks
It’s important to realize that while listing videos are great (and should be included), it’s crucial to have a variety of different types of videos on your YouTube channel to keep consumers coming back for more. By providing a wide range of videos you assure consumers that you are a true expert in your field.

Plus, these videos are a great way to get continued engagement from your potential buyers. 52% of RV Trader consumers said they would watch more than one video, and 60% they are more likely to view your website after viewing your videos.

If you’ve been curious about creating videos and making a YouTube channel, but haven’t taken the plunge, we encourage you to dive right in. Once you upload your video to YouTube, the website makes it so easy for you to add the link to your listings, your dealership website as well as other social media platforms to encourage engagement with your brand - what have you got to lose?


Trader Online Web Developer